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Powerful tools to Live Your Best Life for a little over a dollar a day!! Brilliant!! Live coaching for the first 8 weeks, and you will have the course content for a year.








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"Helping one to evolve and believe in oneself is no easy task, however, Kate Austin and Paul Greene did just that. They gave selflessly of their time and talents to help each group member look at the greatness they all possess. Helping us to recognize gratitude and giving us the ‘tools’ to believe in ourselves, everyone left the course feeling loved, cared for, and special. We were able to truly see ourselves in a more positive way, getting rid of what may have initially held us back. We learned how to love ourselves."

Lisa Bremer

"This Transformation Station course has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.  It has caused me to think about my life, my habits & my behaviors in ways I never had before. and gave me tools to make improvements which I believe will stay with me for a lifetime.  It has truly been like hitting a refresher button on living my life and has opened my eyes to so many ways I can improve myself both mentally and physically. Thank you, Kate & Paul for sharing your knowledge and experience. "

Judy Hudson
Texas, USA

"I have had an amazing journey with Paul and Kate in their Transformation Station course this year. I am almost 54 years old. I got hurt at work earlier this year, and then because of COVID, it wasn't until the beginning of May that I could start back with physio and doctors. I was in lockdown, and I was depressed. An opportunity came along for me to join this course and took the challenge. For people who know me, I am very quiet and shy because I am also deaf, but Paul kept saying to fear nothing and to let go of the past. After a couple of Zoom calls, I finally opened up to the group that I have cut back on very strong meds I was taking for 14 years and feel better for it. Because I was in pain, I concentrated on the mental part of it at the beginning because that is all I could do at the time. Finally July 15th, I had surgery on my shoulder. I had been scared because of COVID, but Kate and Paul gave me tools to get through it. Once I was able to do more physically, after the surgery, there was no stopping me. Since July, I have lost 50 pounds. I went from a size 14 to 9-10, and I am still losing more! Every day is a learning curve, and because of Kate, I have come out of my shell. She makes you think of things in a different way, and I love the energy that Kate. If you are willing to do the work and put the effort in, it will happen like Kate has said. This is not a weight loss program, but it's so much more. Kate has said that once you fixed the mental part, the weight just comes right off. I am proof that it works. Looking back from 10 months ago to now, I have come a long way with Paul, Kate and my tribe sisters. They have the tools to help you, and if it is not something they can answer, they will tell you what to do to find the information you need to have it answered."

Mary Ann Treleaven
Ontario, Canada

"I had been feeling down for about a week. I let all the things going on around me get to me. COVID has canceled multiple trips this year. I was supposed to be at Disney World this week with my family. I was also feeling down because I have been trying to kick my sugar habit, as I feel that’s the one thing holding me back. Lots of things happening all at once; plus the uncertainty of the school year. Also, with the material this week talking about the six human needs, I realized how much I need connection/love and significance/contribution. With COVID, I’ve been away from my family. My parents have their share of health problems, and my sister is expecting a baby in November. I’ve stayed away because our county is high in cases and I wanted to play it safe. We live 2 hours away. However, my thinking now is onward and upward! I started to change my state yesterday when my thoughts went south. I went for a long walk with a friend and talked and laughed. Grabbed my camera and took some pictures (I love nature photography). Hopped on the rebounder, and also did a hard workout with my kids. I dove into my gratitude and focused on that. I have made some awesome progress... I no longer drink soda but instead drink over 80 oz of water every day. I reconnected with my oldest sister. I lost over 4 inches in my waist and have lost just under 10 pounds. My goal was 10 pounds so I will get there!! I attribute this to celery juice every day, eating healthier, daily walks and workouts. I have confidence. I feel good about my body and focus on how strong it is and what I love about it! I am not afraid to share my opinions or thoughts. I speak up more. I have made new friends and am feeling so much love!! Thank you, tribe!! I am becoming more in the moment with everyone. I listen when people talk. I love this and am getting to know people on a deeper level than I usually would. I continuously look for ways to make the world better and contribute. I love giving and making others feel loved/included/that they matter. I am present more with my kids and husband. When I talk with them/play with them, my phone is away. I am committed to learning more every day. I do this by reading more books and diving deeper into topics that I either want to know more about or topics that I don’t really know anything about. "

Jill Bubolz

"From the very beginning, l was unsure of what to expect from Kate & Paul's course, so l decided to push myself. I went on the very first coaching call, and hearing Kate's advice was life-changing. Finding out that l wasn’t as complicated as my doctors constantly perceived and hearing Kate’s reassurance was the beginning of a fantastic journey. I had many breakthroughs and many breakdowns throughout my time in their courses, and the encouragement from Paul, Kate, and the tribe helped me accomplish so much. During the course, l was in tears due to my husband possibly losing his foot. Paul and Kate helped me change my way of thinking towards life as they encouraged me not to live in fear and negativity and 'what if’s.' Instead, I learned to be positive and learned not to create the worst-case scenario. But more than anything, I no longer live in fear on a daily basis. This was a pure inspiration as I ceased the medication l had been taking for over 20 years to no longer taking anything. I was so proud; it was a huge achievement. I was very careful medically, but now l get all the benefits instead of experiencing potential long-term damage that some of the medications were having on me. I didn’t know until 4 weeks ago, one of the medications l had been taking was giving me liver damage! The information and tools provided in this course totally changed my life. It was also an extremely emotional time as I was dealing with trauma. My shoulders were weighed down so heavily as a victim. Now with amazing support, l am free. I no longer have that heavy weight; l live life to the fullest, and l am trigger-free. My family has noticed so many positive changes l have achieved, and l am no longer a victim. Physically, l reached incredible heights that l still find hard to believe. I still call it a miracle gaining the strength to walk. I still have pain, but l have learned l am not a victim, and l can challenge myself at my own pace. When it comes to eating, not only do l eat healthier, but so does all my family! It's not only an eight-week course; it’s life-changing forever!. I now live life to the fullest, and l have gained amazing friendships for life. I just can’t wait to challenge myself to a deeper level next time around, something which will not only benefit myself but everyone around me."

Lisa Taylor

"Life was passing me by - I just didn't want to admit it! Nearing my 77th birthday, I thought I was enjoying each day as much as possible - to it's fullest. My primary concern was when would the day arrive that my husband would no longer remember me! I watched as he lost more and more of his ability to focus, to remember; his laughter and enjoyment of life were gone due to Alzheimer's. I told myself that I was fulfilled, happy, and at peace with life, and I fed that lie with whatever I could find to eat; the only requirement was that sugar was the first ingredient! When my daughter mentioned that she had signed up for the course again, I heard inside my head...."I need to do that." I prayed about it and thought about it for a couple of days. I had witnessed some positive steps that she had made through the last class, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up to see if I could forever break my sugar addiction and to exercise once again. I had been successful for periods in the past (once for even a couple of years), but I always came back to the addiction and would quit exercising. I had been emotionally healed from my past through the years, so now I said I ate just because I liked the taste. "I might as well enjoy the last few years I have left and eat whatever I want." At least this is what I told myself as I ate another handful of candy! This class was to be my motivation to become physically fit! This course has far exceeded my expectations! I have learned so much about myself, both physically and emotionally. Yes, the sugar addiction has been forever broken....FOREVER BROKEN!! I am again exercising and enjoying it because of how it makes me feel....stronger, powerful, beautiful, and truly excited about what each new day brings. One of the greatest communication tools I have learned is in regards to my relationship with my husband and his present condition. I no longer grieve over what I have lost in our relationship, but I celebrate and acknowledge who he is today. I watch for those moments that bring us joy. I have learned communication skills that help him know that we are walking through this together - he is not alone. I have even written a declaration about his Alzheimer's. "Alzheimer's will not steal, destroy, or kill our relationship. My God is more powerful than any disease, and I declare this day that together, we have overcome this disease." We have had so many special times together as I practice these skills. We are laughing together...we are loving one another in ways that we have never experienced before. I shall ever be grateful for Kate and Paul's teaching and help as I have navigated my way to a forever healthier and authentic me!"

Neva Mayer
Washington State, USA

"Excited.  Happy.  Confident.  Successful.  Debt Free.  Endless possibilities.  Patient.  Kind.  Love Life.  Love Nature.  Loves a challenge.  Challenges the norm.  Embraces change.  Optimist, Funny FRAUD, IMPOSTER, TIRED, HURT, ANGRY, Resentful. SHAME, GUILT. DESPAIR.   Reflections of the Same Person:  Me It got to the point where I had covered every mirror in my apartment, so I didn’t have to look at ME.  At those words shouting back at me. You see, All the words I used to describe myself were true at the same time because I was holding onto emotions, to things way beyond my control.  I pushed things down so deep, they became my foundation, a source of 'power,' but not strength.  People saw my intensity and mistook it for strength, saw my success without seeing my struggle, my happiness without knowing my pain.   Two years ago, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without seeing the words and the conflict that raged inside of me. Fate (GOOGLE) brought me to a Paul Greene concert during the initial lockdown.  One day Paul and Kate talked about this course, and I went all-In. I rolled my sleeves up, dove in headfirst, and almost hit my head on the bottom.  So much information to process, lessons to learn, limiting beliefs to confront, and the echoes of the past that kept shouting at me in my head.  The echoes I thought for sure people could see or hear. I have made a choice to be happy, to focus on the positive in any situation, no matter how dire.  I charge ahead, find a solution, and push forward.  What I didn’t do and what this course taught me to do was LET IT GO. Let everything go. The Emotion The shame The guilt The Perception of who I thought I was, who I believe others thought I was, and accept and embrace What Is. I am perfectly imperfect.  Life-altering events occurred, but I am not my past.  My strength comes from love, patience, kindness, generosity.  This foundation is much more buoyant than the rigid structure of shame, resentment, anger, hurt.  When I fall, I can bounce back to even greater heights!    When I acknowledged during a zoom call the major event in my life that changed the trajectory of my life, I was able to let go of emotions I had not realized had been weighing me down for decades. I repaired relationships because I was no longer living in fear. I became fiscally responsible and eventually debt-free despite my pay being reduced by 30 percent due to COVID-19 cutbacks because I chose to make paying my debts a priority, letting go of the desire to have 'things.' I started to give generously, even when I was concerned about my job.  Somehow, I always received more in return.  It shocked me how correct Paul was about the impact of giving and how, even though it isn’t expected, generosity is repaid. I learned to listen more and not feel the need to always add to the conversation. I learned it’s okay to not always be 'right' in an argument. I learned that I don’t need someone to acknowledge their part in an argument or a bad situation.  I can forgive, and I can let go of the hurt, anger, resentment. Then I put it into action.  I choose LOVE, I choose Kindness, I choose Forgiveness, I choose Generosity. Life is good.  There is still much more to learn, and I look forward to more. "

Pamela Pirkle