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Join Paul Greene, Kate Austin and a thriving community of freedom seekers in the FREEDOM PORTAL to completely transform your body, heart, and mind.




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You'll Learn the techniques, mindset shifts, love tools, and body hacks to transform your life and will be supported by Paul, Kati and this Community the whole way.


•  How to increase your vitality 10 fold
•  How to safely restore your health and eliminate medications
•  How to feel great in your body
•  Learn to detoxify your body for enhanced vitality, health, & longevity
•  Learn techniques to create an exercise and weight loss plan that works for you and your needs
•  Reducing or eliminating pain and inflammation in the body


• Create the life you want on your terms
• Removing limiting beliefs and sabotage from your life
• Addressing guilt and shame and other emotions that leak your power
• Learn techniques on creating your life as a game thats fun to play
• Learn to be unapologetically self expressed and authentic
• Practices for living a pro-active life vs a reactive life


• Heal broken relationships 
• Learn to  listen & speak in a way that is fully understood 
• Learn about masculine and feminine polarity 
• Generous listening and how it will transform your life
• Communication tools that increase love and affinity 10 x
• Learn ways to love yourself that will bring infinite love into your life 

"I am fitter, more focused and energized about my life in a whole new way! This course is the ticket!! Thanks guys for being the catalyst for me to create all I want in life!"

John S

"This Transformation Station course has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.  It has caused me to think about my life, my habits & my behaviors in ways I never had before .. and gave me tools to make improvements which I believe will stay with me for a lifetime.  It has truly been like hitting a refresher button on living my life and has opened my eyes to so many ways I can improve myself both mentally and physically. Thank you, Kate & Paul for sharing your knowledge and experience. "

Judy Husdon
Texas, USA

"Through Kate and Paul’s coaching program I have learned great techniques for managing stress, setting and achieving goals, organizing my life, improving my health, dealing with difficult people, and so much more.  There is a wide variety of topics covered along with wonderful exercises introduced in each lesson.  All the material presented flows together nicely and each area of information seems to compliment the others.  I feel like this course was an amazing gift that I will continue to benefit from forever."

Debbie Phelps

"As the sun sets on my 8 week course it has left me overflowing with gratitude. When I was deliberating whether this was for me. I had to goggle Alchemist, it’s meaning was to a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. My mind went, is this a load of rubbish or could it actually change me.  I was about to have a massive change in my daily life. I had been taking care of my nephew for six years he consumed my every minute . It was time for him to move on. It left me empty inside. My children are in ranging from 22-29! I was terrified of slipping into tardiness. I noticed on Paul’s Instagram the venture himself and Kate were about to take. It happened to coincide with the departure of my charge. I took the plunge that very day.  I rambled through week one.  
 Though weight was not an issue for me, my addiction to sweets, sugar in my tea chocolate and Coke Zero were. I love good food but lapsed into bad habits of junk rather than preparing meals. I needed structure. I want to grow old healthy and fit.  I also really didn’t know where I wanted to be, I felt I had limited myself by labels. My whole life I loved children and minding them. But I was now feeling Unfulfilled and trapped. I was terrified to declare that I was feeling DONE. i want more. But until I began my journey I hadn’t the knowledge or confidence, I couldn’t articulate what I felt. Paul and Kate found those words.  I feel I’ve been given a gift of a lifetime, I can’t wait to wake up and start my day, with purpose. The group of amazing members, whom I now consider FRIENDS have been there for me every step of the way. Their support and encouragement have cheered me along my journey. I’ve experienced miracles, from manifesting a home extension (which was never happening before I declared it to the world!) I know in my heart there are more exciting changes for me. I’m not going to limit myself.  If I was to write all I’ve experienced, this would become a novel! Endless.  An example, I was at a funeral this morning, though it was sad it also was lovely catching up with people I haven’t seen in years. One lady came over to me and asked, whatever you’re doing I want some of it. I didn’t realise how happy I must have looked. I managed to have the mourners smiling and laughing. (Whether that’s a good thing or not!) I told them of my amazing course. They called me a tonic. So there you have it, it’s WORKING   From the moment I wake up until I go to bed. I’m alive. I smell the air and taste my food. I’m living in the now.  Transformation Alchemist has left me overflowing with gratitude, love feeling of self worth. Telling anyone who listens to me. I walk around Dublin like I’m in a special club.  In the first videos Kate and Paul Put up. I felt exhausted looking at them. They were so full of vitality. I thought this surely is put on. It’s only as the weeks advanced I see myself in them. Full and complete.  Thank you for taking my hand walking beside me on this journey of self discovery.  You both are amazing beautiful people I hope one day I get the chance to be able to show you how you helped.  The saddest part of our journey is that it has to come to an end. But with every end there are new beginnings. I look forward to the magic that’s unfolding in my life. The magic which Kate and Paul bestowed on me. You both are in my head and heart forever. I love you both"

Shirley Butler Madden
Dublin, Ireland

"This was a fantastic experience for me. The class was the perfect lead-up to my landmark birthday. I had previously declared this year as a time to re-introduce myself to me. The concepts and thoughts provided in the class partnered perfectly with my year-long goals. The principles were general enough for me to incorporate into my personal worldview, I enjoyed the accountability of fellow travelers, and lost five pounds as a secondary benefit. Kate and Paul are such positive role models and are extremely generous in their sharing of personal study gleaned from a variety of sources. If you want to move from “some day” to “today”, I recommend this class to you!! "

Bev Kinley

"WHEN DO YOU START THE NEXT CLASS? “Sign ME Up!” Thank you for putting this class together. I can not believe our 6 weeks is coming to a close. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of  Transformation with all of us around the world.  You are so honest , warm loving and only want to help people change their lives my what we put into body as well as how we care for the outside of our bodies and beyond. I have learned so much by watching, listening and absorbing your lessons each week. I highly recommend to everyone who reads this testimonial that you  join this class when offer. This program is top notch. "

Diane Pouche

"This course could not have come at a better time in my life, in the exact moment of my life that I needed it! Things were changing in my personal and professional life and I needed to know how to handle them.  However, I didn't quite know how to manage or where to start. This course appealed to me for so many reasons.  It helped me navigate in an approachable and methodical way through Paul and Kate's videos and outline on physical fitness, viewpoints (mind), and my connections with others.  Each week, I learned several solutions or the exact answers for me.  The great thing is, I picked and chose what worked for me.  I tailor made it for me based on "ah-ha" moments or strong convictions on what lessons were being taught. It help me move forward in those areas of my life that needed a little fine-tuning or a complete overhaul.  The course had so much information to dive into if I was interested in those specific subject matters. Also, the course was an investment in myself to learn from two people who have years of experience and knowledge in their areas of expertise. Paul with his fitness, athleticism, and the fact he's been on the cover of men's health magazines.  He really walks the talk.  Kate with her radiant glow and positive go-to attitude.  She has so much internal prospective and wisdom to share and to encourage to be that for myself and how to be that for others.  They not only tell you what and why, but more importantly, they tell you how and actions to take to accomplish those goals. I have gotten so  much out of the course in such a short time amount of time.  I feel inspired and I'm changing little by little and day by day.  Along with my Bachelor degree in Communications from UW hung proudly on my office wall, this Transformation Course is the other most important continual life-education that I'll keep working on and accomplishing!  "

Michelle T

"Don't downgrade your DREAM just to fit your reality. Upgrade your convictions to match your DESTINY"


  • Access to 120+ Lessons on Vitality, Self-Expression, and Connection
  • Live 75min Zoom Calls each month with Kate & Paul + you'll be able to access recordings for anything you missed
  • Downloadable Action Guides to give you practical step by step support to guide you on your journey 
  • All our best Exercise & Diet Resources, Guided Meditations, Breathe Work, Connection Exercises, Mindset Shifts, and Life Hacks as extra bonuses to all our members
  • Connection & Relationship Practices to create more love and affinity in all relationships
  • A dedicated Accountability Group to keep you on track and on purpose to fulfill your dreams.
  • An invitation to join our Private Facebook group to meet your tribe and to share.
  • Special twice a month Leadership Calls for the Communicators in each Group.
  • Your accountability groups, and  our communication leaders, and our team checks in with you so NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND.
  • A list of our favorite resources. We’ve spent $$$$$ on expert courses over the years, so you don’t have to!

"From the very beginning, l was unsure of what to expect from Kate & Paul's course, so l decided to push myself. I went on the very first coaching call, and hearing Kate's advice was life-changing. Finding out that l wasn’t as complicated as my doctors constantly perceived and hearing Kate’s reassurance was the beginning of a fantastic journey. "

Lisa Taylor


  • They discovered blind spots and roadblocks that got in their way from having what they desire
  • They transformed their body, many in just 20 minutes a day--or less, focusing on whole-body strength, definition, and balance.
  • They learned new exercises that are accessible to people of any level to fit into a full lifestyle
  • They learned how to shed emotional & physical weight quickly (hint they are  connected!)
  • They discovered how to reveal more self-confidence and self-love than they've ever had.
  • They strengthened their mind, to work for them not against them, helping them sleep better, worry less, and be more positive on command.
  • They created more love and affinity in all their relationships and even resolved and restored relationship where it has been lost!
  • They learned generous listening and it transformed their lives and all their relationships

(Here are just a few examples, but don't take our word for it...read some of the many many glowing testimonials we receive daily)

"I have had an amazing journey with Paul and Kate in their Transformation Station course this year. I am almost 54 years old. I got hurt at work earlier this year, and then because of COVID, it wasn't until the beginning of May that I could start back with physio and doctors. I was in lockdown, and I was depressed. An opportunity came along for me to join this course and took the challenge. For people who know me, I am very quiet and shy because I am also deaf, but Paul kept saying to fear nothing and to let go of the past. After a couple of Zoom calls, I finally opened up to the group that I have cut back on very strong meds I was taking for 14 years and feel better for it. Because I was in pain, I concentrated on the mental part of it at the beginning because that is all I could do at the time. Finally July 15th, I had surgery on my shoulder. I had been scared because of COVID, but Kate and Paul gave me tools to get through it. Once I was able to do more physically, after the surgery, there was no stopping me. Since July, I have lost 50 pounds. I went from a size 14 to 9-10, and I am still losing more! Every day is a learning curve, and because of Kate, I have come out of my shell. She makes you think of things in a different way, and I love the energy that Kate. If you are willing to do the work and put the effort in, it will happen like Kate has said. This is not a weight loss program, but it's so much more. Kate has said that once you fixed the mental part, the weight just comes right off. I am proof that it works. Looking back from 10 months ago to now, I have come a long way with Paul, Kate and my tribe sisters. They have the tools to help you, and if it is not something they can answer, they will tell you what to do to find the information you need to have it answered."

Mary Ann Treleaven
Ontario, Canada


We have done our best to make this accessible to everyone, as we all have to start somewhere!! However there are some prerequisites - This course will work best for...

  • Those that are stuck fed up and know they want more out of their life.
  • Those willing to look and be honest at exactly where you are now so that we can adjust the compass to the exact direction you want to go.
  • Those wanting new tools to deal with this new world environment we are currently facing.
  • Be in discovery and look for the breakthroughs through any trial or tribulation.
  • Those wanting a healthy, vital lifestyle but in the past have lacked the motivation, accountability or didn’t know where to start.
  • Those that are willing to do the work and follow the program to reap the maximum results
  • We cater to all ages, all shapes and sizes, people single or in relationship, all fitness levels


(We wish you all the best, but if you have the qualities listed below, you might not get as much from this membership)

  • Someone who wants to just be an observer and not do the work
  • People that are uncoachable, closed and unwilling to open to new ideas, perspectives and new ways of being
  • People unwilling to share themselves (its ok if your shy and its scary, we will hold your hand through it but you must be willing to lean in to get something from this program)

"Helping one to evolve and believe in oneself is no easy task, however, Kate Austin and Paul Greene did just that. They gave selflessly of their time and talents to help each group member look at the greatness they all possess. Helping us to recognize gratitude and giving us the ‘tools’ to believe in ourselves, everyone left the course feeling loved, cared for, and special. We were able to truly see ourselves in a more positive way, getting rid of what may have initially held us back. We learned how to love ourselves."

Lisa Bremer


WHO: An extraordinary group of people ready to take on their life in a whole new way.

WHERE: In the comfort of your own home, you can login to the portal to access all your resource and can access live coaching on zoom or FB live 

WHEN: Each week we'll send you activities and content from our growing library of resources that you'll be able to instantly access for an entire year (plu you can renew). Plus you'll be invited each month to our live coaching calls.


"Life was passing me by - I just didn't want to admit it! Nearing my 77th birthday, I thought I was enjoying each day as much as possible - to it's fullest. My primary concern was when would the day arrive that my husband would no longer remember me! I watched as he lost more and more of his ability to focus, to remember; his laughter and enjoyment of life were gone due to Alzheimer's. I told myself that I was fulfilled, happy, and at peace with life, and I fed that lie with whatever I could find to eat; the only requirement was that sugar was the first ingredient! When my daughter mentioned that she had signed up for the course again, I heard inside my head...."I need to do that." I prayed about it and thought about it for a couple of days. I had witnessed some positive steps that she had made through the last class, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up to see if I could forever break my sugar addiction and to exercise once again. I had been successful for periods in the past (once for even a couple of years), but I always came back to the addiction and would quit exercising. I had been emotionally healed from my past through the years, so now I said I ate just because I liked the taste. "I might as well enjoy the last few years I have left and eat whatever I want." At least this is what I told myself as I ate another handful of candy! This class was to be my motivation to become physically fit! This course has far exceeded my expectations! I have learned so much about myself, both physically and emotionally. Yes, the sugar addiction has been forever broken....FOREVER BROKEN!! I am again exercising and enjoying it because of how it makes me feel....stronger, powerful, beautiful, and truly excited about what each new day brings. One of the greatest communication tools I have learned is in regards to my relationship with my husband and his present condition. I no longer grieve over what I have lost in our relationship, but I celebrate and acknowledge who he is today. I watch for those moments that bring us joy. I have learned communication skills that help him know that we are walking through this together - he is not alone. I have even written a declaration about his Alzheimer's. "Alzheimer's will not steal, destroy, or kill our relationship. My God is more powerful than any disease, and I declare this day that together, we have overcome this disease." We have had so many special times together as I practice these skills. We are laughing together...we are loving one another in ways that we have never experienced before. I shall ever be grateful for Kate and Paul's teaching and help as I have navigated my way to a forever healthier and authentic me!"

Neva Mayer
Washington State, USA


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 This is "that moment"

What is in your way of having it all? A life you love, a life you create, feeling fulfilled?  What would it mean to you  to feel truly empowered & fulfilled in mind and body and to have have deep connection with those around you? So often we want these things but there is something in the way of having us attain it. Paul and Kate have created a unique course that lays out a plan for total transformation and discovery. Sharing tools, techniques and life changing hacks that propel you forward to achieve your deepest desires of; life goals, body goals and love goals. 

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"Excited.  Happy.  Confident.  Successful.  Debt Free.  Endless possibilities.  Patient.  Kind.  Love Life.  Love Nature.  Loves a challenge.  Challenges the norm.  Embraces change.  Optimist, Funny FRAUD, IMPOSTER, TIRED, HURT, ANGRY, Resentful. SHAME, GUILT. DESPAIR.   Reflections of the Same Person:  Me It got to the point where I had covered every mirror in my apartment, so I didn’t have to look at ME.  At those words shouting back at me. You see, All the words I used to describe myself were true at the same time because I was holding onto emotions, to things way beyond my control.  I pushed things down so deep, they became my foundation, a source of 'power,' but not strength.  People saw my intensity and mistook it for strength, saw my success without seeing my struggle, my happiness without knowing my pain.   Two years ago, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without seeing the words and the conflict that raged inside of me. Fate (GOOGLE) brought me to a Paul Greene concert during the initial lockdown.  One day Paul and Kate talked about this course, and I went all-In. I rolled my sleeves up, dove in headfirst, and almost hit my head on the bottom.  So much information to process, lessons to learn, limiting beliefs to confront, and the echoes of the past that kept shouting at me in my head.  The echoes I thought for sure people could see or hear. I have made a choice to be happy, to focus on the positive in any situation, no matter how dire.  I charge ahead, find a solution, and push forward.  What I didn’t do and what this course taught me to do was LET IT GO. Let everything go. The Emotion The shame The guilt The Perception of who I thought I was, who I believe others thought I was, and accept and embrace What Is. I am perfectly imperfect.  Life-altering events occurred, but I am not my past.  My strength comes from love, patience, kindness, generosity.  This foundation is much more buoyant than the rigid structure of shame, resentment, anger, hurt.  When I fall, I can bounce back to even greater heights!    When I acknowledged during a zoom call the major event in my life that changed the trajectory of my life, I was able to let go of emotions I had not realized had been weighing me down for decades. I repaired relationships because I was no longer living in fear. I became fiscally responsible and eventually debt-free despite my pay being reduced by 30 percent due to COVID-19 cutbacks because I chose to make paying my debts a priority, letting go of the desire to have 'things.' I started to give generously, even when I was concerned about my job.  Somehow, I always received more in return.  It shocked me how correct Paul was about the impact of giving and how, even though it isn’t expected, generosity is repaid. I learned to listen more and not feel the need to always add to the conversation. I learned it’s okay to not always be 'right' in an argument. I learned that I don’t need someone to acknowledge their part in an argument or a bad situation.  I can forgive, and I can let go of the hurt, anger, resentment. Then I put it into action.  I choose LOVE, I choose Kindness, I choose Forgiveness, I choose Generosity. Life is good.  There is still much more to learn, and I look forward to more. "

Pamela Pirkle

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